1. Site Carpentry Level 2

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    Students who study on the Level 2 Site Carpentry Study Programme will be learning in our brand new facilities and will cover structural carpentry including walls, floors and staircases. The teaching will focus on general building methods and site procedures. You will also have the opportunity to go on trips to support your knowledge and understanding and broaden your student experience. This programme allows you to start work as an entry level carpenter, or you can learn more advanced techniques by progressing onto the Level 3 Study Programme in Bench Joinery or as an Apprentice.

  2. Site Carpentry Diploma

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    Students who study on the Site Carpentry Study Programme will be learning advanced skills in our state of the art workshop facilities, covering first fix flooring, roofing and stairs, second fixing operations, double doors and mouldings. Along with learning to safely set up and use fixed and transportable machinery. You will be assessed by a range of both practical and end of unit knowledge tests to enable you to demonstrate your skills and abilities along the way.

  3. Introduction to Electrical Installation

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    With the skills shortage affecting the construction trade, there is a high demand for trained electricians. Working in electrical installations is a challenge and interesting career option if you’re organised, have a logical brain and enjoy working on practical tasks. The Level 2 Electrical Installation Study Programme teaches you about electrical installation and electrical science, while covering what you need to know about the electrical trade and its relationship with other trades. You’ll learn about health and safety and how to work to British standards, developing your maths, English and employability skills along the way. This course leads directly into a Level 3 Advanced Electrotechnical Installations Study Programme or onto a Level 3 Advanced Electrical Apprenticeship as you work to become an electrician’s mate, electrician, or an electrical engineer.

  4. Electrotechnical Technology

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    The course is aimed at both 17-18 year olds and mature students aiming to become electricians who are not currently employed in the electrical installation industry. You will study and be assessed on a range of theoretical and practical subjects to gain a recognised industry qualification. Students also benefit from employment opportunities and work experience arising from close links maintained with local employers. Once employed, students must complete the City and Guilds Level 3 NVQ Diploma (2357) to become fully recognised tradesman within the electrical installation industry.

  5. Construction Supervision (Brickwork)

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    The top level of study in bricklaying, the Level 3 Brickwork Study Programme teaches you the advanced skills that you’ll need as a professional construction site worker. Covering how to build chimneys, arches, and fireplaces, as well as how to repair and maintain brickwork, this comprehensive course also covers the health and safety legislations that you’ll need to know when working on site. Work experience provides you with critical hands on practical knowledge. You’ll cover additional vital employability skills, preparing you for your career in the construction industry. Following this course, you’ll be fully prepared to work on site as a bricklayer. You could also progress onto a HND if you’re considering going into site management.

  6. Construction Diploma Brickwork

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    With the government’s house building initiatives, there’s never been a better time to get a job working in construction. The Level 2 Brickwork Study Programme teaches you a range of intermediate skills for becoming a bricklayer. You’ll learn about how to construct cavity walls, solid walls and working platforms. You can gain hands on work experience working on projects in the community on derelict houses, with the chance to demonstrate your skills in competitions. The course also supports you in learning additional industry-sanctioned employability skills as well as improving your maths and English. This programme allows you to start work as an entry level bricklayer, or you can learn more advanced techniques by progressing onto the Level 3 Study Programme in Brickwork or as an Apprentice.

  7. Construction Crafts

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    If you’re interested in joining the construction industry, the Level 1 Multi Trade Study Programme can help you to make a decision about which trade is right for you as you experience a range of disciplines from brickwork to joinery. You’ll also learn how to fit skirting boards, architraves and doors, building up your repertoire of skills to prepare you for your role on site. You’ll work to improve your maths and English as well as building up key employability skills to help you find work in a trade. This programme leads to level 2 study in joinery or brickwork, or directly into an exciting and fulfilling career on site by becoming an Apprentice.


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